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Als u uw Brother GT3 gedurende langere tijd niet gebruikt, dient u een paar maatregelen te treffen.

Hierbij de aanbevelingen van Brother

We would like to inform you how to prepare the GT3 before you leave office for a long period without printing.

Preparation of GT3 for long period without printing

•    Do the weekly maintenance on the machine and all necessary cleanings of the Capping Station.
•    You will have to perform the White Tube Cleaning and directly after that you have to do a Load White in the tubes!
•    Launch a Powerful Head Cleaning for both Color and White printheads.
•    Switch off the GT3 printer.

> Redo this process every two weeks!

Operations to do :
1 Shaking White ink
   Rubber Caps Cleaning
   Wiper Blade Cleaning
2 White tube cleaning
   Load White
3 Powerfull PH Cleaning
   Switch off GT3

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